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December 2013

The first review is in. The webzine Peek-a-boo gave the Hera compilation a score of 90 out of 100. Here is the link to the Peek-a-boo review

September 2013

The Hera compilation is finally available. You can order your copy for 14 + shipping. Shippingcost are 1,60 (Belgium), 3,50 (Europe) or 4,20 (World). First 50 customers who order the Hera compilation get two buttons for free. Here is a picture of the actual cd and the buttons:

August 2013

The Hera compilation is now at the pressing plant and can be pre-ordered. They will be shipped out as soon as they arrive at the Choeur Noir Headquaters which will be end august or early september. The cd comes in a 6panel digipack with handdrawn artwork. Prive for one cd is 14 + shipping. For the moment the release will not be made available for payable download nor will it be offered for free when purchasing a hardcopy.

Around the same time there will also be some merchandise available for sale. Two different buttons, one with the labellogo and one with an drawing from the Hera compilation. Both wll be sold for 1/pc + shipping. I will put images and all info in the merchandise section of the site.

You can order all with a simple mail to

4 bands who are featured on the compilation will perform live in the near future: For Greater Good (august 25th), Dead man's hill (august 30th), Cawatana (september 5th) and Dark poem (september 7th). All info and flyers if available will be posted in the live section of the site.

June 2013

In the next few weeks a lot of new samples of the Hera compilation will be put online.

Choeur Noir is looking for a venue where we can present the Hera compilation. A few bands will be playing their contributed songs + some extra's. For this event we will try to book CC Luchtbal in Antwerp, Belgium sometime august - september - october 2013.

Choeur Noir is planning to go on tour with some bands in 2014. First band to join the Choeur Noir Circus is For greater good. If you want For greater good to play at your youthclub, town, city, event, ... or you want to join the Choeur Noir Circus yourself you can contact Choeur Noir.

May 2013

Dark Poem has been added as participating band to the Hera compilation. The Hera compilation will also be available as a download album. The price for the download will be a little lower than the cd price. If you purchase the cd directly from the label you will get a download code for free.

Some new sections were added to the website although still under construction.

April 2013

Within a few weeks the first sound samples of the Hera compilation will be put online.

March 2013

The first release on the new Choeur Noir label will be a compilation cd decidated to the first birthday of my daughter Hera.
The cd will be out around August 24th and will feature bands such as Larrnakh, Cawatana, Harvest rain, H.E.R.R., Dead man's hill, Kinderen van Moeder Aarde, For greater good, Misantronics, Sagittarius, David E. Williams, Ataraxia, Darkwood and Engelsstaub.

Choeur Noir/Leslie Philippot - Elewijtsesteenweg 9 - 1980 Eppegem - BELGIUM